WildTangent’s flagship advertising product was in need of an overhaul and redesign in order to keep up with client needs as well as an increasingly competitive marketplace. There were many complex technical and business issues that had to be accounted for in any successful solution.

Working in concert with the various business stakeholders and the Prod/Dev Team, I helped define the next generation of BrandBoost. Through an iterative process, I created wireframes and workflow diagrams that morphed into finished mock-ups and working prototypes. The end result was a design that vastly improved opportunities for brand messaging, customization, ad inventory and user experience. This was further developed into BrandBoost 2.0 for mobile, including rich media and a cutting edge CPI model.

BrandBoost 2.0 was successfully designed, tested and ultimately deployed into a live environment where it was very well received. The addition of IAB Standard 300×250 Ad Units to the Launch and Exit screens significantly increased available inventory and helped sell-through rates. The four new customizable Social Media icons on the Exit Screen provided clients with higher CTAs and end users with more relevant informational opportunities. Each of the 3 screens in the BrandBoost workflow vastly improved opportunities for branding, messaging and consistency.